Facebook rebranding

by Rosi Sexton

Hi folks,

I just wanted to drop a line here for our readers who are regulars on Facebook to let you know about some changes we’re making to our FB accounts. My original FB business account is “Rosi Sexton – Osteopath”, which I’ve had since not long after I started practising in Manchester in 2010. Lots of people follow that for the tips I’ve been posting up there for the last seven years, and it’s quite a useful resource.

When we moved down to Solihull I then opened another business account entitled (imaginatively) “Olton Osteopathy”; but we’ve since come to understand a bit more about Facebook marketing and what we should have done was to rename my original business page, instead of opening a new one. So we now need to shut that new page down and re-brand my old page instead, as my activities as practising clinician are focused entirely on Olton Osteopathy – it’s my brand, after all!

We’re going to shut down and rename the pages on the 22nd October – in the meantime can I suggest, if you currently Like “Olton Osteopathy“, that you also give a Like to “Rosi Sexton – Osteopath“? That way you’ll still be able to keep in touch with what we’re doing on Social Media. Plus you can still catch up with us here!

Thanks for supporting Olton Osteopathy!

Rosi + the team