The value of listening

by Rosi Sexton
rosi sexton osteopathy shoulder

“I trust you, you know what you’re doing and you keep me calm. That’s had the biggest effect of all, giving me the ability to feel in control…. That psychological help was as important as the physical mobility strengthening exercises. It gave me something to hold on to and the ability to reduce my anxiety and… alleviate my symptoms. Above all, I appreciate the time you took to listen and the time spent assessing the injury with care. Feeling heard, so trust is established, enabled the healing process.” – Lisa (shared with permission)

In the past, I’ve written about how there’s much more to osteopathy than the hands on techniques that we’re usually known for. From my own experiences as a patient, I’m aware how much difference it can make to have a therapist who takes the time to properly listen. Feeling heard and understood is an important part of treatment; but sadly the human element can all too easily get overlooked in a quest for “efficiency”.

Everyone we treat at Olton Osteopathy is an individual, with different goals, activities and lifestyles. In the clinic, one person’s bad back may look very similar to half a dozen we’ve seen already that week; but the impact it has on their life, and the challenges they face in dealing with it will be unique. We don’t believe in one-size-fits-all treatments or exercise plans; we believe in working with our clients to find the approach that’s right for them.